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Requisition Number 18-0014
Post Date 2/2/2018
Title Fulfillment Specialist
Department Pubs
City Silver Spring
State MD
Description The American Nurses Association (ANA) is the premier organization representing the interests of the nation's 3.6 million registered nurses. ANA advances the nursing profession by fostering high standards of nursing practice, promoting a safe and ethical work environment, bolstering the health and wellness of nurses, and advocating on health care issues that affect nurses and the public. ANA is at the forefront of improving the quality of health care for all.

To manage the business-to-business relationship with the external fulfillment house enterprise-wide on behalf of American Nurses Association (ANA) and American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) on behalf of ANA Enterprise publishing for the fulfillment and distribution of all their for-sale and free publications to achieve their annual revenue and fulfillment expense goals. The position requires substantial independent thought and analysis, is instrumental in ensuring business operations continue at a high level, and is responsible for ensuring the successful delivery and re-stocking of books, representing a substantial investment in inventory and revenue generation. The position covers a wide variety of duties related to association publication fulfillment and marketing, including managing inventory; managing customer service (responding to claims and inquiries); budgeting and tracking fulfillment expenses; working with distributors and other institutional customers; implementing fulfillment quality control; ensuring fulfillment house contractual procedures and terms are followed; and supporting through financial reports, research, and other means the fulfillment, business operations, and marketing functions of the ANA and ANCC Enterprise publishing programs.

• Fulfillment. Manages the business-to-business relationship with the external fulfillment house and Fulfilled by Amazon enterprise-wide on behalf of ANA Enterprise for the fulfillment and distribution of all their for-sale and free publications to achieve their annual revenue and fulfillment expense goals. Measures product demand and independently manages levels of inventory, distribution, and customer service effectiveness, including monitoring inventory levels to ensure a 12-18 month supply, minimize back orders, and initiate reprint, out-of-print, and destroy orders; and overseeing shipping and delivery of inventory for accuracy and timeliness. Monitors annual inventory count at fulfillment house and coordinates results with the Finance entity controllers and CFO. Manages inventory and maintains operations of re-seller accounts and e-book distribution channels. Oversees the fulfillment process across all sales channels, including creating, maintaining, and revising as necessary procedures and online forms (receiving, special projects, internal orders, stock reduction forms, etc.). Creates and revises as necessary an operations manual on ANA Enterprise fulfillment processes, procedures, forms, and financial reports. Chairs (sets and implements agenda, schedules, facilitates, etc.) weekly conference calls with fulfillment house and relevant staff to coordinate the resolution of fulfillment issues enterprise-wide. Follows-up and resolves any fulfillment issues raised in the conference calls.
• Budgeting/finances. Manages financial aspects of fulfillment, including develops and monitors fulfillment expense budget to ensure that fulfillment expenses remain approximately 12% of gross revenue and all fulfillment expenses stay within budget. Stays informed of projected increases in fulfillment, postage (USPS), and shipping (UPS) costs, so that they are adequately budgeted for. Does year-end projections for fulfillment expenses. Provides fulfillment- and inventory-related financial information to ANA Enterprise publishing and marketing staffs, auditors, CFO, and entity controllers as required. Oversees the development and distribution enterprise-wide of standardized financial, inventory, sales, and distribution reports created by the fulfillment house. Also creates and distributes customized fulfillment financial reports through Smart Reports for ANA Enterprise. (Smart Reports is a database software that can access and mine fulfillment, financial, and other data from the fulfillment house database to create customized financial reports.) Updates sales numbers monthly across all sales channels in SalesForce software. Co-chairs monthly conference call on the reconciliation of Accounts Receivables for institutional customers and distributors. Maintains historical records and generates reports for Publisher on trends in postage, shipping and handling, fulfillment, accounting, and miscellaneous fulfillment-related expenses. Analyzes monthly ANA Enterprise invoices for accuracy; books all expenses to the correct 15-20 ANA Enterprise cost centers; and obtains Publisher’s, and Finance’s authorization to ensure the timely payment of invoices and avoid late fees. Responds to all internal questions on invoices from staff and entity controllers.
• QC. Implements fulfillment quality control, including sets up and/or monitors fulfillment benchmarks and guidelines for fulfillment house; makes site visits to monitor inventory and fulfillment processes; makes test calls to monitor customer service reps’ (CSRs’) performance in the fulfillment house call center; and sends out and reports on customer satisfaction surveys.
• Customer Service. Responds to all internal and external customer order claims and inquiries for for-sale and free publications enterprise-wide. Maintains ongoing, daily communications by phone and e-mail with the fulfillment house to resolve claims and inquiries. Manages daily fulfillment requests and issues for C/SNAs, ANA Enterprise staff, and nonmembers. These requests can include requests for review copies as part of the Review Copy Program; internal inventory stock reduction requests from ANA or ANCC staff; requests for invoice information; and requests for creating and running mailing lists for ANA Enterprise from the fulfillment house database. Advises C/SNA and ANA Enterprise staff on appropriate materials for conventions, meetings, and other promotional needs and orders and oversees shipping of inventory to those events.
• Internal Customer Service. Creates, provides, and revises ongoing fulfillment training for all relevant ANA and ANCC Enterprise staff, including new employees, on fulfillment processes, procedures, forms, financial reports, and other issues. Creates, provides, and revises face-to-face and virtual training on ANA and ANCC new publications, fulfillment policies, and other issues for fulfillment house customer service reps, account manager, account rep, and accounting staff. Creates, implements, and revises an operations manual on ANA and ANCC Enterprise fulfillment processes, procedures, forms, and financial reports.
•Compliance. Ensures terms of contract with fulfillment house are complied with, including accounting procedures (accounts receivables, refunds and returns, collections, etc.); ANA Enterprise fulfillment procedures, processes, and policies; and other items. Coordinates contract renewal with fulfillment house. Drafts, issues, and analyzes RFPs from alternative fulfillment houses to confirm that current fulfillment house is most cost-effective vendor option.
• Publisher support/research. Supports the Business Operations and Marketing functions and strategic goals of ANA Enterprise publishing as follows: Mines fulfillment data to create financial, forecasted, and other reports to support the marketing and business operations strategies. Tracks promotion codes through fulfillment house reports to help determine the impact on sales of various marketing campaigns. Creates up-selling scripts for fulfillment house CSRs. Coordinates the Review Copy Program, which provides complimentary review copies of publications in exchange for bulk orders of books for use in the nursing classroom, including ensures the fulfillment of the review copies, develops and maintains educator mailing list, sends promotions to educator list, and tracks course adoption patterns by professors and nursing schools. Coordinates the processing of orders for print books from the online bookstore with Online Services and fulfillment house to ensure accurate and timely fulfillment. Periodically audits product offerings on the online bookstore to ensure their accuracy and to enhance customer service; and edits product offerings for accuracy and coordinates those changes with Online Services and fulfillment house. Handles customer inquiries and claims for online orders and eBooks. Works with fulfillment house and Online Services to develop and implement Web Services (real-time order processing, order confirmation, and inventory management) for the online bookstore. Staffs ANA Enterprise Bookstores and exhibits at the ANA Membership Assembly, and Magnet, NDNQI, NSNA, NOADN, and other conferences as required to promote and sell ANA Enterprise publications.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Baccalaureate degree (or equivalent experience) in business administration, accounting, fulfillment, marketing, or related field is required.

Related Work Experience:
Two or more years of experience in publications fulfillment, inventory management, and customer service is required, including managing a business-to-business relationship with an external fulfillment house.

Familiarity with fulfillment and inventory management; accounting and financial procedures; tracking performance benchmarks; word processing, SalesForce (or equivalent), database, and spreadsheet software; organizational skills, including the ability to prioritize, coordinate, and follow through on several projects concurrently; ability to work under pressure; ability to relate well with a variety of staff members, association members, customers, members of the profession, and the general public; excellent verbal and written communication skills; and proven ability to assume responsibility and to complete work with minimal supervision.

Additional Qualifications:
Must be a team player and able to work in a high-pressure environment. The incumbent should possess the ability to interact very professionally and appropriately when dealing with all levels of ANA Enterprise, and C/SNA members and staff, other organizations (associations, distributors, bookstores, libraries, etc.), customers, and the general public.

Preferred Qualifications:
Four or more years of experience in publications fulfillment, inventory management, and customer service.

ANA’s state of the art office is located in the heart of beautiful downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, just blocks from the Metro and a wide range of restaurants and shops. ANA offers competitive salaries, a flexible work schedule and great benefits that include the following and many more:
• Attractive benefit plan for Health, Dental, Vision, RX
• 3 weeks paid vacation and Christmas week off (paid)
• 9 paid holidays, birthday holiday, and 12 sick days
• Excellent matching 401K plan
• Tuition Reimbursement and Professional Development
• Flexible Spending Accounts

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